måndag 19 januari 2015

Youtube Celebration- Giveaway :)


Hey there Everyone :)
I have been on Youtube a while now and I'm celebrating hitting 1000!!! Subscribers soon... So whats better than giving some fun scrapbooking yummyness away?!

As must followers know, I am a huge fan of Tilda products so I will be giving away some of that and other things... The two prizes you can win is :)

1st Prize : 100 USD!!!!! Woop, woop :D
- You get money to spend in your choice of scrapbooking, online store :) Get your hands on some new yummy CHA 2015 products for free!!! woop, woop right? ;)

2nd Prize: A Yummyness package with some lovely tilda products+ stamps and other things :)


How you can enter ??? :D

For that you need to watch my Youtube video ;) *Catch hahah

- Opened until 20th of February
- Opened Internationally

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