söndag 30 juni 2019

Something new...

I can't believe that it has been more than 3 years since I updated my blog! I am still creating cards even though that might be difficult to believe since I haven't posted much here... But below is evidence of it ;)

torsdag 1 september 2016


Hey sweets!

It has been like FOREVER since I made a post on my blog... Why you might wonder?! Well, it's because I have a youtube channel ;) Majority of my work is there because I feel I can interact with a larger audience... :) *Have currently 2000 subbies ;) woop, woop!*

So If you want to see more of my creations and what I do :) Head over to my Youtube channel! :D



fredag 26 juni 2015

One...Two... Three... Cards :)

Before I left for Sweden, I created three summer cards for some good friends of mine.

måndag 19 januari 2015

Youtube Celebration- Giveaway :)


Hey there Everyone :)
I have been on Youtube a while now and I'm celebrating hitting 1000!!! Subscribers soon... So whats better than giving some fun scrapbooking yummyness away?!

As must followers know, I am a huge fan of Tilda products so I will be giving away some of that and other things... The two prizes you can win is :)

1st Prize : 100 USD!!!!! Woop, woop :D
- You get money to spend in your choice of scrapbooking, online store :) Get your hands on some new yummy CHA 2015 products for free!!! woop, woop right? ;)

2nd Prize: A Yummyness package with some lovely tilda products+ stamps and other things :)


How you can enter ??? :D

For that you need to watch my Youtube video ;) *Catch hahah

- Opened until 20th of February
- Opened Internationally

måndag 5 januari 2015

The Nightmare card! That turned out LOVELY ;)

Sometimes you start creating on a project and it just takes so long time... Not because you had problems creating it. But because life and other things gets in the way. This "nightmare" card is an example of this... But BOY... I'm happy how it turned out. Especially because I used my lovely Silhouette portrait... <3
For more information and details about the card. Watch the video Below... :)
Have a great day!!!
Rebecca xxx