lördag 27 september 2014

Oh then my soul kind of....

I'm here today to share my newest project which I've been creating for a very close friend of mine :)
I'm really happy how the creation turned out and I hope my friend will like it, as much as I enjoyed creating it :D

The Video :D

tisdag 16 september 2014

Massive Tilda Haul ^^ YES, I LOVE TILDA!! * OLD COLLECTIONS :D

Yes I went a little craaazy :P I Love tilda and well... I guess I pressed that ***BUY/ PUT IN CART*** Button a little tooo much ;)
Enjoy watching !!

torsdag 11 september 2014

Tilda cards :)

Hello :) I'm very glad to be able to share some new Tilda cards I have been creating! The cards will be sent out to some scrapbook friends, around the world :)

fredag 5 september 2014

Going Tilda CRAAAZY :D


Many people that follow my Youtube channel know, That I am addicted to the Tilda yummyness from Panduro. I know that lots of crafters from parts of the world, other than Scandinavia. Have a tuff time finding products from the Tilda collections. As a way of showing the new releases Winter 14/15, I made this video :) Hope you enjoy it!

Fun links to Tilda inspiration.